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Small Business

Jason’s personal approach and industry knowledge help small businesses protect their assets with peace of mind. Clients trust that Jason and his team have their best interest in mind and value his trust and genuine interest in their business. Whether you operate a local business or help local businesses run, Jason will create and implement a plan to help you transfer uncontrollable risk.

Clients include:

Contractor Insurance


Local Mom and Pop Business Insurance

Local Mom and Pop Shops

HVAC Professionals

HVAC Professionals

Plumber Insurance


Electrician Insurance


Garden Centers

Garden Centers

Small Business Insurance




  • “Jason is a great guy, trustworthy and connected to his clients. He never makes you feel like a number. His team is the best. You can email or call them and they get right back to you. Whether you ask them for certificates of insurance or to swing by the registry, they are consistently responsive. It’s a great agency.”

    James A. Martin Company